couples, coupling, coupled
1) QUANT: QUANT of pl-n If you refer to a couple of people or things, you mean two or approximately two of them, although the exact number is not important or you are not sure of it. [INFORMAL]

Across the street from me there are a couple of police officers standing guard...

I think the trouble will clear up in a couple of days.

...a small working-class town in Massachusetts, a couple of hundred miles from New York City.

Couple is also a determiner in spoken American English, and before `more' and `less'.

...a couple weeks before the election... I think I can play maybe for a couple more years.

Couple is also a pronoun.

I've got a couple that don't look too bad.

2) N-COUNT-COLL A couple is two people who are married, living together, or having a sexual relationship.

The couple have no children.

...after burglars ransacked an elderly couple's home. isolated spot popular with courting couples.

3) N-COUNT-COLL A couple is two people that you see together on a particular occasion or that have some association. the four couples began the opening dance...

They were an odd couple.

4) VERB: usu passive If you say that one thing produces a particular effect when it is coupled with another, you mean that the two things combine to produce that effect.

[be V-ed with n] ...a problem that is coupled with lower demand for the machines themselves...

[V-ed] Over-use of those drugs, coupled with poor diet, leads to physical degeneration...

[V-ed] This, coupled with the fact that flying machines remained universally a subject for jeers and derision, made the brothers secretive.

5) VERB: usu passive If one piece of equipment is coupled to another, it is joined to it so that the two pieces of equipment work together.

[be V-ed to n] Its engine is coupled to a semiautomatic gearbox...

[be V-ed together] The various elementary detector systems are coupled together in complex arrays.

Derived words:
coupling N-SING usu the N of n

The technique requires the coupling of a particle accelerator and a mass spectrometer.

6) See also coupling

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